Forex Broker Scam

While being less prevalent than other type of fraud, Forex Broker scam are a reality in the same way that any industry will spawn some bad apples. There are many unscrupulous brokers who should be in business. Before trading forex and investing through a broker, it is important to conduct some basic safety search and… Continue reading Forex Broker Scam

Forex Scam

The spot forex market traded over $6.6 trillion a day as of April 2019, including currency options and futures contracts. 1 With this enormous amount of money floating around in an unregulated spot market that trades instantly, over the counter, with no accountability, forex scams offer unscrupulous operators the lure of earning fortunes in limited… Continue reading Forex Scam

Bank Guarantee

What is a bank guarantee ? A bank guarantee is a financial instrument that covers the different parties in a transaction. Generally used in international trade transaction, they acts as an additional security in case of breach of contract like the un-ability to pay the supplier after the delivery of goods from the buyer or… Continue reading Bank Guarantee

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